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Synergy’s legal experts have obtained millions in refunds for our clients through Medicare’s administrative process.

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Repaying Medicare for conditional payments is a necessary but unpleasant process which can unfortunately either greatly reduce the net recovery or even more unfortunately, result in no recovery at all for an injury victim who is a Medicare beneficiary. There is a solution: Medicare Refund!

When Medicare has made payments for medical care and the beneficiary receives a settlement for the injuries that caused the need for treatment, Medicare must be repaid. That is why it is called a “conditional payment.” The question is how much should be repaid. Medicare will issue a Conditional Payment Amount and reduce that amount by the beneficiary’s procurement costs. Sometimes the amount of Medicare’s payments exceeds the gross settlement. In that situation, Medicare allows the attorney to take their fee but then demands the rest of the recovery. This is unfair and inequitable to the Medicare beneficiary who suffered a personal injury. Despite Medicare’s blind application of the repayment regulations, there is a way for the injured Medicare beneficiary to protect his/her recovery against conditional payment obligations. This is accomplished through a compromise/waiver process with Medicare. The good news is that, when successful, Medicare will issue a refund after paying the final demand! 

If you are an attorney who admittedly knows very little about the Medicare process, Synergy is your Medicare resolution partner. If you are an attorney who knows some about Medicare but it’s a thorn in your side and you’d rather not have to contend with the red tape, Synergy is your Medicare resolution partner. If you are an attorney who believes you get a great result with Medicare but want to see if a better reduction is possible, Synergy is your Medicare resolution partner. 

Synergy has intimate knowledge of the Medicare process and knows what works and what does not work to achieve the best reduction possible. Why spend the time, incur expense, or be frustrated when Synergy can handle it all for you?


Maximize Your Medicare Refund - Synergy’s legal experts have obtained millions in refunds for our clients through Medicare’s administrative process.

You may have overpaid Medicare after your personal injury settlement.

Synergy has returned millions of dollars to our clients in the form of Medicare refunds. We can quickly tell you whether you may qualify for a refund too. Our average savings amount is $22,946 but we give equal effort to smaller refunds for our clients. Even a small amount of money can make a big difference in your quality of life.

Synergy achieves exceptional results for attorneys and their clients.

Our team of attorneys and Specialists have a deep knowledge of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act’s provisions. We work with personal injury attorneys across the United States to help them navigate the complicated Medicare administration processes. If you are an attorney, visit our corporate website for more details.

Client Success Story

“Synergy has helped us tremendously! My mother was involved in a serious car accident . Our family was faced with huge medical bills that exceeded the auto insurance payoff. Synergy was recommended to us and the entire process from start to finish was nothing less than great! The team was sympathetic, professional, very responsive and truly cared for our case. They worked with us and Medicare to successfully negotiate the significant reduction of medical costs. I would highly recommend their services to anybody who finds themselves needing professional help in dealings with Medicare.”

– Olga Khazanova


After your attorney has paid Medicare’s Final Demand, pursuant to Federal Statutes, Synergy will work to obtain a refund for you as we have done for so many other deserving clients. Synergy’s process is designed to maximize the return of funds to the injury victim through available administrative remedies.

Most refunds are returned within 90 to 120 days

We need the Final Demand amount and some other personal identifiers to begin our evaluation. If we determine there is a reasonable chance of recovering a refund, we will require a Medicare form be completed.

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