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Brian Breiter

“When we use you guys, it is  a huge benefit to our client.”

Adam Shea

“…you’ve gotta get real pros involved and your company is the best.”

Tony Romanucci

“We call on people like you, and Synergy helping us because that’s not where my expertise is.”

“I didn’t know what goes into negotiating those types of liens.”


Daniel Kramer

“I am very thankful for companies like Synergy.”

Christopher Norman

“…you guys do a fantastic job of it. I mean, we use you exclusively for difficult to resolve liens.”

Sara L. Williams​

“’s almost like, you know, it’s like having a whole different team in your back pocket.”

Andrew Ellenberg

“Yeah, I think you and your people have become indispensable for us.”

Margaret Battersby Black

“It’s important to hire a company like Synergy when you are dealing with a significant legal financial issue.”

Kate Conway

“Oftentimes we need to bring the best help that we can find and you guys are the best at what you do.”

Mark Avera

“now I’ve got to figure out how to address the liens in a manner that benefits the client. So that’s why I rely upon you”

Elise Sanguinetti

“we will always want to be a resource to them because and what we do is we partner with groups like Synergy”

Brett Turnbull

“So, if I can hand it off to you and your team, and y’all just take the ball and go with it.”

Bob Langdon

“Well, that’s why we hire you. This thing has become so complicated that as, a lawyer, I don’t feel capable”

Megan L. Whiteside

“It’s often the liens, which is why what you do is so important”

J. Clancey Bounds

“I think is multifactorial, number one, there’s expertise, Medicare, Medicaid…”

Conal Doyle

“I like to work with folk that are good people, they care about what they do and get great results, and that’s Synergy.”

Tom Feher

“ A company like Synergy is super easy to work with, they are transparent, they are upfront…”


The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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