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So, you have been involved in an accident and now you have a personal injury case, what comes next? Most likely it will be hiring a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your claims. Dealing with the personal injury can become incredibly stressful when you can’t work, and the bills pile up. If the insurance company that covers the third party who injured you refuses to pay for the damages you have suffered, it can all become unmanageable. At that point, most people turn to a personal injury attorney who can bring a claim to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.  This is accomplished, most of the time, by filing a lawsuit against the liable third party and their insurance company to state a claim for all of the damages suffered.  Sometimes, it is accomplished by simply making a demand for payment from the defendant’s insurance companies which outlines the damages you have suffered. Typically, a plaintiff in a personal injury case will make damages claims for past and future medical expenses, lost wages and pain as well as suffering due to the injuries.  

If you bring a personal injury lawsuit for your injuries, you most likely you will be involved in a settlement. Only 5% of personal injury cases typically go to trial. So that means 95% of cases are settled out of court. It may be at mediation, or it could be very early on after suit was filed. It could be at mediation after months or years of litigation. It could even be on the courthouse steps right before trial. Once the case does finally settle, that is where things can get even more complex. Many questions arise.  

Suffering a personal physical injury can create difficult challenges both financially and emotionally for even the strongest. What happens when you suffer a serious personal physical injury and settle your case? Do you understand how to protect your assets, preserve public benefits and safeguard the physical injury recovery? Will the recovery be sufficient to pay for all of your future medical needs without public assistance? Do you have to payback some type of healthcare lien at settlement? All of these issues can be very difficult to face on your own for people who become disabled due to an accident. You will need a team of experts to help you answer all of your questions once your case does settle. That is precisely what Synergy does, provides a team of experts to help guide you. This portion of our website will answer many of the questions you may have prior to or at settlement. 

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