“You have arrived at your Destination”

“You have arrived at your Destination”

“You have arrived at your Destination”

The best route to MSP Compliance Is Through Synergy

The best route to MSP Compliance Is Through Synergy

The road to MSP compliance is getting tougher to navigate and more dangerous by the day. Civil monetary penalty rules for Section 111 violations, pending liability MSA proposed rules and a tougher stance on non-submitted WCMSA proposals all point to greater scrutiny of settlements by Medicare. Synergy’s MSP Compliance Audit service allows you to be proactive and then settle knowing you are on the fast track to MSP compliance.

Synergy’s team of experts will address all aspects of MSP compliance in your settlement. The audit service begins with a determination of your client’s Medicare enrollment, followed by conditional payment audits, a customized plan for future medicals, proposed settlement language and the identification of Section 111 diagnosis codes. Sit back, relax, and let Synergy be your guide on the road to MSP compliance.

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