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Synergy isn’t just a service provider—we are a strategic partner for personal injury law firms, seamlessly integrating with law firms to boost efficiency from day one. Outsourcing cumbersome administrative tasks like lien resolution and Medicare compliance to an expert partner like Synergy enables trial lawyers to concentrate on their core competencies—effectively advocating for more of the firm’s clients.  A partnership with Synergy combines our industry leading team of experts with a personal injury law office’s staff resulting in a powerful increase in efficiency and effectiveness freeing the firm to focus on what it does best.  When it comes to an efficiency partner, the answer is simple – Synergy.  Partner with Synergy — Free your firm to focus on what it does best!

What We Believe In: Every single case that Synergy assists with is a unique opportunity to improve someone’s life, to improve and protect their net recovery, and thereby helping to ease the transition from litigation to life. The motivation behind every task we undertake is rooted in a deeply ingrained purpose: the unwavering commitment to the protection of the vulnerable, particularly those who have suffered catastrophic injuries.

At Synergy, our strength lies not only in our skilled team or our state-of-the-art resources but in the compelling connection that binds our team with our purpose. This connection creates a synergistic environment where we work together, helping one another so we can assist those who need our help the most. We stand united in our service of the catastrophically injured (and their legal counsel), forcefully advocating for their rights, ensuring they get what they are owed, and aiding them in their path to resolution.

Our belief system is centered on the principle of fair and just compensation for injury victims. We are steadfast in our conviction that no individual should lose a single dollar more than necessary to health insurance reimbursement claims. Every case we work on, every strategy we formulate is aimed at protecting the financial recovery of those we serve.

Moreover, we consider every injury victim as not just a client, but as a person deserving of the utmost professionalism, respect, integrity, dedication and empathy (our corporate values of PRIDE). We believe they deserve nothing less than full protection of their hard-fought recovery. Every victory, every settlement, every dollar saved is a step towards making their post-recovery lives better and more secure.

This mission defines Synergy’s Purpose – the Protection of the Vulnerable. This isn’t merely a tagline but the very ethos that guides what we do. It is our why and is the driving force behind our team at Synergy.

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The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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