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Synergy’s team believes that no one should pay unreasonable hospital or provider charges.

The Problem

Hospital lien statutes and ordinances vary from state to state, even county by county, in some instances. But they have three things in common – they are written to favor the providers, the legal and factual issues they present are complex, AND the hospitals have and hide all the data.

This complexity and opacity places plaintiffs’ attorneys at a huge disadvantage when seeking to reduce unreasonable liens. The negotiation of a reasonable release is intentionally made difficult if not impossible without the help of professionals who are well-versed in medical billing, coding, and the law on reasonable value. The truth is providers often demand several hundred percent more than patients are legally obligated to pay but accept far less from more than 95% of patients. Worse yet, charges often exceed costs by more than 500%.

The Solution

Fortunately, the law in most jurisdictions limits liens to “reasonable” charges, allows patients to challenge reasonableness, and in the end the data prevails. Attorneys nationwide come to Synergy’s Medical Bill Clinic to resolve doctor and hospital liens at a fraction of their full billed charges. How do we do this? Our team is well-versed and up to date with the relevant statutes, ordinances and case law. We also access internal cost data from all hospitals, nationwide, allowing us to estimate cost of care and thereby, estimate reasonable value. And we have deep experience managing the negotiation tactics and the appropriate responsive pressure points of the various hospital systems and major providers across the country. With this, we consistently achieve significant reductions to the direct benefit of the injury victim.

We’re passionate about this work. We simply will not tolerate these unreasonable liens.

Our Services

Providers have collection professionals working against you. It’s time to level the playing field by engaging experts to fight for your client.  Synergy detects non-compensable errors, double-charges and other upcharges hidden in your clients’ medical bills, while scrutinizing the value of every billable charge. No one should pay unreasonable charges. By applying unique analytical techniques and engaging a team of medical and legal experts, Synergy drastically reduces medical liens. Negotiation services are provided on a percentage-of-savings basis with no fee unless Synergy secures savings on your behalf.

Reasonable value is the touchstone of effective lien negotiation and resolution. Our team provides the data and forensic analysis needed to accurately estimate that reasonable value. When you access the services offered by Synergy’s Medical Bill Clinic, there’s no risk and no charge unless additional savings are obtained.

Why Partner with Synergy to Resolve Hospital & Provider Liens?

Our services are offered on a percentage-of-savings basis, so we are aligned. Synergy’s provider relationships, reputation and experience negotiating liens nationwide results in the deepest discounts available. We handle the case after the case, so you can do what you do best—fight for injury victims. Put Synergy to work for your clients today.




The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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