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Partnering with Synergy for lien resolution services gives you back your time. It ensures the largest possible reduction in every case, improves client satisfaction, gives you a trusted partner to address ever-changing subrogation laws, and eliminates the frustration of lien resolution. It can get complicated so keep it simple and partner with Synergy.

Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, military, disability and other liens are increasingly difficult to resolve, and applicable laws are constantly evolving. Most lawyers and law firms underestimate the time and costs associated with healthcare lien resolution. Making the decision to work with a lien resolution partner is an important analysis which should involve a cost benefit analysis. We believe that once you examine the amount of time and money spent on lien resolution activities, you will see that outsourcing is a sensible solution in most situations. The American Bar Association (ABA), in Formal Opinion 08-451, addressed the lawyer’s role when outsourcing certain functions. The ABA ethics opinion approved outsourcing of “legal & non-legal support services” wherein the outsourcing lawyer remains ultimately responsible, appropriate disclosures are made to the client, the client’s consent is provided, and the fees charged are reasonable. Many state bar associations have also addressed outsourcing and permit the lawyer to pass the cost along to the client.

There are many reasons to consider hiring a lien resolution expert partner like Synergy. The top three reasons are: 

  1.  Partnering with Synergy’s lien resolution group minimizes a law firm’s operation costs. Every business seeks to decrease operating costs and increase efficiency. This can be accomplished with outsourcing the time-consuming lien resolution functions. The large amount of time and effort legal staff devotes to post-settlement lien resolution functions typically creates a loss to the firm’s bottom line. Alternatively, outsourcing lien resolution functions allows the lawyer or firm to pass the cost to the client similar to the cost of retaining an expert. Your valuable time is better spent on moving cases toward trial or settlement and not on cutting through government/private agency red tape.
  2. Hiring Synergy’s lien resolution group provides your law firm with a powerful partner in the lien resolution process. By partnering with Synergy, you gain a knowledgeable partner and resource for the difficult lien resolution issues. Without knowing every potential lien resolution argument and the latest rules/procedures associated with health plan liens, attorneys and their staff are prone to inefficiency. We have the necessary expertise to accelerate the lien resolution process.
  3. Getting outstanding results from Synergy’s lien resolution group leaves the client with a positive, lasting impression at settlement. Clients who are forced to wait months, if not longer, to resolve their outstanding liens are often frustrated and discontent. A client’s poor impressions post settlement can affect a lawyer or law firm’s reputation in the community. Ultimately, client satisfaction with regard to the resolution of lien obligations may produce repeat business or boost new client referrals for a lawyer or law firm.


When it comes to lien resolution partnering, Synergy has a professional approach that delivers quality service with consistent results. Our team of attorneys and lien resolution analysts provide you with peace of mind that your clients’ liens will be properly negotiated and resolved.




The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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