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CONNEXION is our cutting-edge client collaboration portal that will revolutionize the way you handle liens. CONNEXION allows our clients to work together seamlessly with our team of subject matter experts in a transparent and efficient manner. You have complete visibility of your case’s status throughout the lifecycle of your case, and with 24/7 access to critical case information, you can monitor every action our industry-leading team of experts is taking to secure the best possible resolution. In addition, with CONNEXION, you can share documents, case information, and other critical data in a secure environment, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal. No more communication gaps or delays – CONNEXION puts you in control and keeps you informed every step of the way.

Collaborate. Connect. Focus on What You Do Best with CONNEXION Portal, an exclusive user-only platform that provides round-the-clock access to our proprietary digital services, including:

A Comprehensive Dashboard

CONNEXION gives you the ability to quickly review all intakes, cases in process, notifications, and more from one screen without needing to dig for information about cases we are handling for your law firm. Access in-depth case information through Case Overview, Lien Details, and Documents sub-pages.

Messaging and Communication with Synergy SMEs

Through CONNEXION, you can securely message the team of subject matter experts working on your cases. This allows you to also receive real-time updates throughout the lifecycle of your case.

Digitally Manage the Process

Simplified document management with easy tagging of documents to specific liens and accessing them from Case Documents or Lien Details pages, while also sharing and receiving documents seamlessly with our team.  Manage your cases and invoices effortlessly with a quick search, data export options, expandable cards for full-page access, and a new dedicated invoicing page.

Access to Our Support and Knowledge Base

Dedicated portal support line and helpful resources on how to interact with and use features with the CONNEXION portal.

Online Intake Hub

CONNEXION allows you to securely submit new case information and relevant documents saving you valuable time.

Real Time Reports & User Administration

CONNEXIONallows for on-demand generation of comprehensive active case reports for your firm. In addition, you get holistic law firm user account administration and access rights.

CONNEXION, simply put allows you to focus on what you do best by streamlining processes and saving time. Partner with us to start seeing results right away.

Request an appointment to start the process and receive access to our custom portal for tracking results along the way.

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