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Synergy provides a wide array of services to meet a plaintiff attorney’s lien resolution needs.

Lien Identification and Verification

Not sure who is handling the lien or just want to know the amount being asserted? We can help! With the production of an insurance card, Synergy will contact the insurance carrier and place the carrier or handling subrogation vendor on notice and obtain a claim summary. If you want to take it from there, no problem.

Lien Audit and Negotiation/Resolution

If you already know who the lien holder is, or Synergy obtained the information for you, and you want Synergy’s experts to put their expertise to work, we can help! Synergy will audit the claims and ensure that only appropriate claims are part of the lien balance. Finally, we aggressively negotiate every lien claim, leveraging expert strategies and applicable laws.

Provider Reasonable Value Report

Have you ever tried to determine the reasonable value of a client’s hospital care? Synergy is dedicated to assisting personal injury attorneys by interpreting and analyzing your clients’ coded medical bills thereby defending your clients’ rights to reasonable billing.

Using Synergy’s team of medical and legal professionals to negotiate your hospital liens and debts results in deeper discounts because of our proprietary “cost-up” algorithm, provider relationships, reputation, and experience negotiating these issues nationwide.


Medicare Refund

Did you know Medicare issues refunds?  Synergy may be able to get your client a refund for conditional payments paid pursuant to a Final Demand using our proprietary compromise/waiver process  with Medicare.  If successful, Medicare will issue a refund to the personal injury victim for part or all of the amount paid to satisfy the conditional payment. Imagine your client getting a refund check back from Medicare when they thought they were receiving little to nothing from their recovery after Medicare was paid back!  A satisfied client is the best client.





The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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