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At Synergy, we’re not just a service provider—we’re your strategic partner in lien resolution, seamlessly integrating with your firm to boost efficiency from day one.  We take on the lien resolution workload while your firm focuses on securing justice for more clients.  Outsourcing lien resolution leads to better resolution outcomes and consequently improved client experience.  Equally as important, freeing your staff from administrative tasks like lien resolution leads to greater utilization rates for the firm’s attorneys as well as paralegals.  That translates into more revenue for your law practice. 

Our partnership approach is designed to free your firm to focus on what it does best—advocacy and winning cases. By outsourcing lien resolution to Synergy, you unlock operational efficiency and profitability for your law firm. With us as your partner, your firm is free to concentrate on securing maximum compensation for clients, while we expertly manage all the lien resolution tasks that accompany each victory. Together, we are formidable partners, with Synergy’s team of lien resolution experts amplifying your firm’s efficiency and profitability.


  • Our team is composed of seasoned attorneys and subrogation experts with over 300 years of collective experience on the cutting edge of lien resolution.
  • Our professionals come from prominent health insurer recovery vendors and subrogation firms, bringing insider acumen to the resolution of your client’s lien.
  • Our highly specialized team of professionals undertakes a rigorous analysis and employs a strategic insider approach to ensure successful resolution of all liens.
  • Synergy has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for injury victims through our proprietary lien resolution methods.


We know how it works, let us work for you.

How We Resolve Liens

Our team of Lien Resolution Specialists initiate the process by crafting a tailored strategy, ensuring the best results are achieved efficiently. Our Specialists verify liens and conduct a comprehensive claims audit, demanding the removal any unrelated treatments. This approach guarantees that your client won’t bear the burden of paying for claims that rightfully should be paid by the health benefit provider. As a case moves toward settlement, our experts initiate the negotiation phase and tenaciously pursue resolution until we reach the bottom line reimbursement. At the heart of our commitment is a dedication to making each case a top priority. Recognizing the urgency involved, we work with exceptional efficiency to bring about a swift and satisfactory resolution. Let us navigate the complexities, prioritize the needs, and deliver results that change lives.

Our resolution philosophy - Mission Driven

At Synergy, our mission is to guard every dollar that rightfully belongs to injury victims. We are relentless, just like you, in the pursuit of justice.  You work too hard on behalf of families to allow overreaching lien holders to ride your coattails.  With a dedicated team of experienced subrogation professionals, we make lien holders fight as hard as you did to get the personal injury recovery.  This frees you to take on the next battle, confident your client has received every penny they deserve.

DOLLARS SAVED through Lien Resolution

$ 1000000




The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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