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Steve Harris

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Steve Harris is a settlement planner with Synergy, providing comprehensive settlement planning services exclusively to plaintiff attorneys and their clients. Steve is partnered with Jeff Smith and together, in their Twin Cities offices, they provide expertise and assistance to attorneys by helping to identify and resolve issues relating to special needs trusts, Medicare compliance, and set-asides, subrogation or lien claims, and financial planning options that will benefit their client.

Steve is a passionate champion of plaintiff only settlement planning, and a successful investor. In 1993 Steve was in an auto accident that caused severe pain, suffering and weight gain. For the next three years, he underwent an intense recovery to get back to his pre-injury physical health. Wanting to properly manage his assets, he returned to school to obtain his insurance and securities licenses. During this time, Steve decided to make helping injured people his chosen career.

In 2006 Steve teamed up with long-time plaintiffs’ attorney Jeff Smith to provide deeper reaching discovery of clients’ needs post-injury. They founded the plaintiff only settlement group, PSSG. PSSG advocated to plaintiff attorneys and their injured clients the importance of only representing the injured party in settlement planning.

In the world of identifying and protecting minors and adults, who may have special needs or be at risk, we work to put solutions in place that are guaranteed, tailored for their specific needs, allow for liquidity and flexibility when needed, and protect means-tested benefits where appropriate.

Steve is an alum of both the University of Wisconsin and the University of Minnesota, having majored in Political Science and Math. Steve is married to his incredible wife Karen who shares his love of travel and adventure. Outside of work, Steve snowboards, runs half marathons, plays the guitar and writes music.

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