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Florida Success Story 1

Synergy’s Lien Resolution team was retained by a Florida law firm to assist in the resolution of a FEHBA lien. Prior to referring the lien to Synergy, the attorney had secured a 30% reduction on a $130K lien but needed more funds to stay with their injured client. The case had settled for over $350K. The attorney was concerned that Synergy’s involvement could upset the lien holder and jeopardize the reduction received so far. Synergy’s experts reviewed the policy language and identified a major deficiency with the recovery wording as it related to the facts of the case. Synergy confidently believed that this plan should not be collecting $90K of this settlement. Synergy worked with the attorney, providing the legal arguments to the attorney so the attorney could continue to be the face of the negotiator. With Synergy’s assistance, another $50K was knocked off the lien and $89K went straight back to the injured party. This was a $41K savings (68% reduction) that goes back into the pocket of the injury victim.

Partnering with Synergy for lien resolution often will produce a superior result for the client and allow you to focus on what you do best. See how much Synergy’s lien resolution services can save your client!

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