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Florida Success Story 2

Synergy’s Lien Resolution team was retained by a Florida law firm to assist in the resolution of a $180K Michigan PIP lien. The injured party was a 94-year-old who drives his motorcycle from Michigan to Florida every winter. While in Florida, he was hit by a car and suffered a fractured right tibia. The underlying case settled for $250K. Pre-accident, he was living independently but post-accident he was forced to reside in a nursing home. Through several conversations with the lien holder, Synergy successfully obtained a waiver on the PIP lien. This added $180K of settlement dollars back into the injured party’s wallet and will allow him to transition home. This was a $180K savings (100% reduction) that goes back into the pocket of the injury victim.

Partnering with Synergy for lien resolution often will produce a superior result for the client and allow you to focus on what you do best. See how much Synergy’s lien resolution services can save your client!

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