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Maryland Success Story 2

Synergy’s Lien Resolution team was retained by a Maryland law firm to handle a $42K ERISA self-funded lien asserted on a settlement of $100K. The injured party was involved in a MVA where the vehicle was totaled. Injuries included short-term memory issues, a foot surgery requiring ongoing physical therapy due to limited mobility and speech therapy. Synergy’s expert went to work reviewing the policy language of this self-funded plan and identified a number of deficiencies as it relates to made whole and its general reimbursement right. Arguments were made about which law fills the gaps when the policy language is silent or weak on equitable doctrines. The lienholder counsel was not able to satisfactorily respond to many of Synergy’s arguments and eventually agreed to a compromise to $15,760. This was a reduction of almost 62%, which is over 26k towards the injured parties’ recovery.

Partnering with Synergy’s lien resolution services often will produce a superior result for the client and allow you to focus on what you do best. See how much Synergy’s lien resolution services can save your client!

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