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Washington Success Story 1

Synergy’s Lien Resolution team was hired by a Washington law firm to handle a FEHBA plan in that was $180K and the settlement was limited to just $100K. The injured party was hit by a drunk driver and had multiple injuries including a lacerated colon, lung contusion, and internal bleeding. The injured party had to move in with family, as he was out of work and unable to support himself. The FEHBA plan stated there would be no reduction, even if made whole. Synergy presented equitable arguments and told a compelling story to obtain a waiver. This was a $180K savings (100% reduction) that goes back into the pocket of the injury victim.

Partnering with Synergy for lien resolution often will produce a superior result for the client and allow you to focus on what you do best. See how much Synergy’s lien resolution services can save your client!

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