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Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman on TLV Podcast

In this episode of Trial Lawyer View, host Jason D. Lazarus engages in a conversation with  Joey Coleman, an accomplished author and professional speaker, to explore the intersection of law and entrepreneurship. Joey shares his valuable insights from his best-selling book, “Never Lose a Customer Again” which is highly acclaimed for its innovative approach to building stronger empathy with clients. The book outlines an eight-phase framework for customer experience, which can be revolutionary in the way law firms approach customer service and business practices.

Joey delves into the importance of personal injury lawyers using his framework to build a more robust connection with their clients. He emphasizes that understanding the client’s needs, desires, and preferences is crucial in providing them with the best experience possible. Joey’s approach is based on his belief that the client’s experience is everything in any business, including the legal industry. His framework is designed to ensure that each phase of the client’s experience is a positive one, leading to greater client retention and loyalty.

In addition to discussing the eight phases of customer experience, Jason and Joey also explore the role of technology in enhancing customer experience in the legal industry. They discuss how the use of technology can help law firms improve client retention and loyalty by streamlining processes, automating mundane tasks, and providing clients with a more personalized experience.

Moreover, Joey shares his new book, “Never Lose an Employee Again” which provides strategies for creating a more engaged and committed team. Jason and Joey discuss how law firms can implement these strategies to create a more positive work environment for employees, leading to increased productivity, job satisfaction, and overall success.

By tuning in to this episode, listeners can learn from Joey’s extensive experience and expertise in customer experience and employee engagement. They will gain valuable insights on how to transform their law firm’s customer experience and create a more engaged and committed team. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most innovative and successful entrepreneurs.

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