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MCP Money Back Guarantee

Synergy's Guaranteed Medical Cost Projection Service - Better settlement offers with NO RISK

Our medical cost projections have a proven track record of incredible effectiveness in increasing settlement offers. As a company dedicated to maximizing client settlement proceeds in partnership with our clients, Synergy proudly offers our Medical Cost Projection (MCP) service with an unbeatable guarantee. If our report proves ineffective due to case-specific factors, we will refund the full cost.

Our growing list of law firm partners are leveraging this tool in initial demand and early-stage negotiations. Given that fact, we understand that not every case follows the intended path and we firmly believe that your firm shouldn’t bear the cost of a service that didn’t add value.  As a performance-based organization, we pride ourselves on true alignment with your firm and the families you represent.  Our guarantee allows you to harness this invaluable resource to its fullest potential without expense risk.

Choose Synergy’s MCP and gain access to our cutting-edge data-driven approach, offering you the decisive advantage in personal injury cases. We firmly believe in the positive impact of our MCP service, backed by our unwavering 100% confidence and ironclad guarantee. How many other experts dare to offer your firm that kind of guarantee?

Don’t settle for less when it comes to securing the compensation your clients deserve. Contact us today to unlock better settlement offers, risk-free, with Synergy’s Guaranteed Medical Cost Projection Service!

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