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What if there was a company that could get liens resolved more efficiently and with a better end result for the injury victim?  There is!  It is Synergy period.  Experience the Synergistic effect by combining our team of experts with your firm resulting in a powerful increase in efficiency and effectiveness for your law firm allowing you to focus on what you do best!  Partner with Synergy today by scheduling a consultation below or here

Elevating Law Firm Success Through Strategic Outsourcing: The Synergy Advantage

Strategic outsourcing serves as a transformative lever in legal practice, equipping firms to drastically enhance operational efficiency and client service excellence.  Ignoring the outsourcing of specialized tasks like lien resolution can be financially detrimental. Consider the case of a 5-lawyer firm that engaged Synergy for their lien resolution needs: the firm achieved a cumulative savings of 4,200 hours in attorney and staff time, translating to an operational saving of $544,000. This substantial saving represents capital a law firm can deploy to fuel growth initiatives, from business development to talent acquisition.  In addition, imagine recapturing all of those hours of time you as well as your staff today spend on lien resolution and instead use them to move more cases forward toward resolution. 

Small Efficiency Gains Compound into Massive Opportunities for Revenue Maximization  

Based upon industry data, nearly two-thirds of a lawyer’s day remains underutilized for direct client work.  The primary culprits are overwhelming administrative burdens and a lack of sufficient client cases. Data reveals that 48% of a lawyer’s non-client time is consumed by administrative functions like lien resolution.  It is essential to understand that utilization rates don’t just indicate time allocated to client work; they also directly influence the firm’s revenue metrics—realization and collection. Increased client work time means more client work hours, leading to enhanced revenue streams.

A Synergistic Effect:  Strategically partnering with Synergy will streamline your operations, allow you to advocate for more clients and boost caseload movement.

Outsourcing cumbersome administrative tasks to expert partners like Synergy enables trial lawyers to concentrate on their core competencies—effectively advocating for more of the firm’s clients. The freed capital can also be directed towards marketing efforts, thereby attracting a greater caseload. Achieving higher operational efficiency, improved client experience and greater utilization rates is a natural outcome of such strategic outsourcing. 

Combining our team of experts with your firm results in a powerful increase in efficiency and effectiveness for your practice allowing you to focus on what you do best!  Synergy is the only answer period. 




The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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