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What are 3 reasons not to partner with Synergy??

  1. You believe that spending attorney and paralegal time on cases once they have settled is the best use of your firm’s time & money.  
  2. You prefer your own team to deal with lien recovery vendors to get updates on resolution status versus using a streamlined portal with 24/7 access to resolution information from Synergy’s experts.
  3. You aren’t interested in making lien holders fight incredibly hard for their reimbursement.

If that doesn’t resonate with you, consider why partnering with Synergy makes perfect sense for your firm.  

Don’t just take our word for it, see what your colleagues say about partnering with Synergy:  

“We fought numerous defendants to obtain a record‑breaking settlement but, in the end, it was Synergy who stepped up to help my office protect our client’s settlement proceeds. After obtaining millions of dollars from five different defendants, we were left with an ERISA medical insurance lien that refused to compromise and wanted 100% reimbursement. I attempted to negotiate with them, and they refused to accept any reductions whatsoever. Our client suffered a serious brain injury and there was no way we wanted an insurance company to get paid back in full. Synergy went to work on them and in short order they obtained a major reduction in the ERISA lien, putting substantially more money in my client’s pocket.” – Gary A. Dordick | Dordick Law

“Upon being approached by Synergy, I immediately saw the value in their set of services. After using them though, my eyes are open.  Their results are outstanding and they even helped me shore up the timeframe of one negotiation by light years.  They took a tough ERISA situation and turned it around for my client, and when we needed it most.  No doubt, they are a trusted expert partner of mine moving forward, and should be considered by all.  Thank you for approaching me Synergy!”Burt Rosenblatt | Ely, Bettini, Ulman, Rosenblatt, & Ozer, Attorneys at Law

“I know the results are not always this great and we give great kudos to the Synergy team – there’s a reason we’ve been using your company for the better part of a decade to help us with liens like these.”Cale Conley | Conley Griggs Partin, LLP

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