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Tony Romanucci

Tony Romanucci on TLV Podcast

In Episode 22 of Trial Lawyer View, host and Synergy CEO Jason D. Lazarus had a compelling conversation with Tony Romanucci of Romanucci & Blandin, LLC. The episode focused on Romanucci’s impressive career in the legal industry, including his background and experience handling high-profile cases.

Romanucci talked about his Italian immigrant parents and how they instilled in him a strong work ethic that has fueled his passion for fighting for social justice. He shared how his first job with the Cook County Public Defender’s Office influenced his career, and how he found himself drawn to police misconduct cases.

The discussion also explored how the death of Michael Brown inspired the creation of AAJ’s Police Misconduct Litigation Group. Romanucci was an instrumental part of this group and shared his experience of working with fellow members to fight against police misconduct and brutality.

The conversation then turned to the George Floyd case and Romanucci’s involvement in it. He shared his thoughts on how the case could potentially change the world and spoke passionately about his desire to see justice served.

Throughout the episode, Romanucci emphasized the importance of empathy in the legal industry. He discussed how his personal experiences and upbringing have taught him the importance of understanding and connecting with his clients. He also talked about how his firm prioritizes its clients’ needs and strives to provide the best possible legal representation.

Overall, Episode 22 of Trial Lawyer View provided listeners with an engaging and insightful conversation with one of the legal industry’s most successful and passionate attorneys. Romanucci’s dedication to fighting for social justice and advocating for his clients was inspiring, and his experiences shed light on the importance of empathy and understanding in the legal industry.

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