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Brian Poulter

Brian Poulter on TLV Podcast

Hello, Fellow Trial Lawyers!

🎙️✨ Unveiling the exciting new episode of our Trial Lawyer View podcast! Join our host Jason Lazarus as he dives deep into the world of top-tier trial lawyering with the dynamic Brian Poulter from Stalwart Law Group.

In this must-listen episode, Brian pulls back the curtain on his incredible journey as a trial lawyer, revealing the secrets of success in complex catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases. Discover how his distinctive background became a powerful asset in his legal career. Prepare to be riveted by Brian’s compelling discussion of the groundbreaking Phillips elder abuse case and his transformative approach to school liability cases, which has sparked real change in schools’ conduct.

Get an exclusive peek into Brian’s winning formula for trials and his exceptional preparation techniques, credited as the game-changer behind his soaring success. He even spills a one-of-a-kind tip that could revolutionize the careers of fellow trial lawyers! Plus, hear about the upcoming trials where his innovative approach will take center stage.

Tune in to hear Brian’s candid take on the most challenging issues he encounters in resolving cases, particularly when it comes to settlements. Don’t miss this treasure trove of wisdom from a seasoned trial lawyer! Listen to the latest episode on our website or your favorite podcast platform.

Thanks for listening!

Jason D. Lazarus, Esq.

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