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Synergy Makes Key Addition to its Senior Leadership Team

ORLANDO, Fla. (September 16, 2020) — Synergy Settlement Services announces an important key addition to the Synergy senior leadership team. Rasa Fumagalli, JD, MSCC, CMSP-F joins Synergy as Director of MSP Compliance Services and will head up our Medicare operations group.  Rasa is an incredibly bright and talented lawyer well versed in dealing with all of the implications of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act from dealing with payments made prior to settlement to payments made after settlement (Medicare future interests).

With Synergy’s rapid expansion across the country comes the need for new dynamic team members to support our rapid business growth.  Synergy has opened new offices in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, Cleveland, and Dallas just in the last few months. Synergy’s CEO, Jason D. Lazarus, Esq, says, “Adding key team members like Rasa gives us more depth and the ability to deliver best in class results in our settlement services operations. She brings an incredible amount of industry and executive experience in the Medicare services market to Synergy’s already industry-leading team.”

About Rasa Fumagalli, JD, MSCC, CMSP-F:

Prior to joining Synergy Settlement Services, Rasa worked as a workers’ compensation insurance defense attorney in the Chicago area. She has spent the last ten years focusing her practice on Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues. As the former Director and VP of MSP Compliance for a national vendor, she has extensive experience in working with parties to effectuate settlements while addressing Medicare’s interests in a reasonable manner. Rasa’s knowledge, experience, and passion for navigating the intricacies of the Medicare Secondary Payer Act and its supporting regulations allows her to provide valuable as well as pragmatic guidance in all stages of settlement discussions.

As Director of MSP Compliance Services, Rasa provides plaintiff attorneys with initial consultations to address any Medicare Secondary Payer compliance issues that may arise in connection with their clients’ personal injury or workers’ compensation cases.  Her team can address all of the issues related to Medicare compliance from start to finish.  This includes conditional payments, Medicare Advantage liens, Medicare Set-Aside allocations, and post-settlement administration of an MSA.

Synergy allows trial lawyers to focus on what they do best by handling the difficult issues at settlement such as lien resolution, Medicare Secondary Payer compliance, public benefit preservation, settlement planning, and tax deferral of contingent legal fees. Our multi-dimensional approach is powerful and cost-effective, enabling plaintiff law firms to focus on other cases while trusting us to deliver strong results for their clients.  We have a deep team of professionals dedicated to protecting the recovery so you can be confident that your client has received everything they deserve.  We are your expert partners that will drive a better outcome in every case.

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