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Teresa Kenyon

Teresa Kenyon on TLV Podcast

In Episode 16 of Trial Lawyer View, TLV host and Synergy CEO Jason D. Lazarus had an insightful conversation with Teresa Kenyon, Director of Lien Resolution Services at Synergy Settlement Services. The episode focused on Teresa’s journey in the legal industry, particularly her transition from personal injury law to subrogation law, and how she ultimately became a white hat fighter for injury victims.

Teresa began her career in personal injury law, working for law firms and handling cases on behalf of plaintiffs. She then transitioned to subrogation law, which involved representing health insurance plans seeking reimbursement for medical expenses paid on behalf of injured individuals. Through her work with Rawlings, a subrogation vendor, she saw firsthand the mistakes that personal injury lawyers often make when dealing with recovery contractors.

However, Teresa realized that she wanted to use her legal knowledge and expertise to help injury victims rather than insurers. She decided to make the switch to putting on the “white hat” and fighting subrogation vendors on behalf of injury victims. In her role at Synergy Settlement Services, she helps clients navigate the complex world of lien resolution and recover the maximum amount of their settlement.

During the episode, Teresa and Jason discussed the challenges and misconceptions surrounding lien resolution, and how important it is for personal injury lawyers to understand the process in order to effectively represent their clients. They also discussed the various strategies that can be employed to minimize liens and maximize client recovery.

Teresa’s journey from personal injury law to subrogation law and ultimately to fighting for injury victims reflects her passion for justice and advocacy. Her insights into the complex world of lien resolution and subrogation can be invaluable to personal injury lawyers seeking to navigate these challenging areas of the law and recover the maximum amount for their clients.

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