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SECURED SETTLEMENTS through structured settlements

$ 900000000

The system is flawed. You take all the risks. You do all the work. You bear all the costs. Yet after you win for a family that so badly deserves it, you must continue to fight to preserve the recovery.  We’ve fixed the broken system, flipping that paradigm on its head. With a holistic approach to the case after the case, the Synergy settlement consulting team will assist in creation of a comprehensive plan to protect the hard-fought recovery and address government benefit preservation.  We can even provide attorney fee deferral options to protect your fee from the tax man.

No one should risk a single dollar of their recovery if they don’t have to, and we make sure they don’t.  Our team of experienced settlement consultants is dedicated to protecting the recovery, so you can be confident that your client’s financial future is secure.  Let us assist with your clients “transition from litigation to life,” and allow you to focus on what you do best—fight for injury victims.

Who We Are

Our settlement consulting firm assists injury victims and their attorneys in creating innovative settlement plans for personal injury, workers’ compensation, and employment dispute cases.

Our Mission

We serve as one member of a settlement consulting team that advises the injury victim and their counsel about cutting edge settlement strategies. Our settlement consultants help an injury victim understand the ways to manage their recovery and assist attorneys in developing a unique plan to maximize each clients’ post settlement dollars while preserving their government benefits including Medicare and Medicaid.  This assists with the transition from litigation to life.




The Synergy Settlements team will work diligently to ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Contact one of our legal experts and get a professional review of your case today.

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